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The Emergent Village Theological Conversation has quickly established a reputation for deep thought and rich interaction. This year’s conversation will engage Process Theology as we explore the dynamic conception of the living and life-giving God. Monica A. Coleman, John Cobb and Philip Clayton will lead the conversation engaging with Jeanyne Slettom,  Bruce Epperly,   Julie Clawson  and  Danielle Shroyer  – plenty of other partners to be added.

Cobb has proclaimed that the church should “join God in working for the salvation of the world.” This strong assertion flows right out of the open and relational vision of theology he has pioneered throughout his career. It is our belief that in conversation with Cobb a progressive, missional, holistic, and radically relational theology with legs will emerge.

After setting the context with an introduction to process theology we will immediately turn towards the biggest challenges facing the world, making those essential conversations for all creation the location for doing theology. Through practical engagements of Process and Emergence we will reflect on how God relates to the world, works within the world, and do what all theology is suppose to be doing: seeking to engage and transform the world as it exists in reality. This will take us into ecology, economics, religious pluralism, secularism, and the relational ramifications for the Church both locally and globally.

Come join us in Claremont California, January 31- February 2, 2012 for the conversation.

Partners: This event is sponsored by the Emergent Village & hosted at Claremont School of Theology in partnership with Process & Faith

Hotel: Our event hotel is the Hotel Claremont. They are giving our participants a special deal with rooms for 59 – 69 bucks a night for bed, breakfast, and a shuttle to the campus. Just let Steven Mercado know you are part of the ’emergent village’ when reserving your room. Email him:

Sign up: Registration is limited in order to create the conditions for conversation. For now it is just $99 bucks until the New Year when it will go up to $119 or when we cap it off. So sign up now.

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    Oh, how I wish you had it set up so that I could observe the conversation via internet. (And so does your treasurer.)

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